Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Saturday I spent the day with Sharah. I mistakenly arrived at a 5k... it is next week... at 7:30 AM near Sharah's house. When I texted her to tell her where I was, her reply was "Yay!" Love that! We had a great day doing a few random things...  shopping, a baby shower,  catching butterflies in a lupine meadow, a potluck dinner, a hike, gathering sassafras tea, and finishing the day with a visit to the laundrymat! 

By 7 the next morning, I was at my folks; sitting in the cabin, being mauled by the dogs, watching the news. They fought over who would show me their office (hey look at this! Come over here! I changed this! Here's that scanner... I found this...). Then we went out and worked in the garden for awhile, got the baby to play with, and took a long walk around the pond to see Dad and Rocky working on the dam.

Later the girls showed up for a cookout... they walked the edge of the pond with the boy looking at frogs and tadpoles, played on the swing and generally made mischief! What fun! Just missed Steve, Jenny, Jeremy and Brian!

What a great weekend!
                                              (photo by chris decelli!)

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