Monday, September 16, 2013

Adirondack Water

Two friends and I hiked 65 miles on the Northville-Placid Trail this summer. We faced cold, mosquitos and deerflies, torrential rains and mishaps like missing our campsite in a thunderstorm, breaking our water filter, and losing a sole from a hiking boot! But, despite all the problems we faced, we also saw great beauty- particularly Adirondack water.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Huntin' Season

 This is a picture that includes my great grandfather Culver, my grandmother Cramer's father. He is the one closes to the front, I believe. I love this picture for many reasons. It reminds me of reenacting, which I love, a true primitive camp! I love to think of them hunting for deer to provide for their families.

I'm hoping for a deer this season... I was able to go out to the Northern zone Monday with a couple neighbors. My husband got me a beautiful Marlin and took me shooting to site it in. Since it's actually partly mine... I have really enjoyed shooting it... we got it sited in pretty well and I feel confident that I can make a good shot... provided the deer stands about 50 feet away and turns sideways...

This is a picture of my grandmother shooting a gun... I'm going to guess about 1930. I love to think that she would let my grandfather take her picture like this... I never talked to her about it since I wasn't really interested in hunting or shooting when she was here. I don't know if she was a good shot or ever even hunted! I am guessing she was a crack shot... I'm pretty good and I am a lot like her in other ways. 

If I get something I'll be sure to post a picture of me holding the head up like a real hunter. Maybe a bear! Maybe not.  I just keep thinking of venison...

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Family Reunion

So, my mom, a genealogist, loves to get the families together. My grandfather had a brother with whose family we regularly get together. Loren and Dutch were probably the most approachable of the 5 siblings of that generation. The weekend was beautiful and we really had a great time.
Niece #7 out of nine and Auntie.

 The girls on the tandem... this is often used to travel from the Cabin Haus (below) to the tent sites across the pond. Its really a little lake, about 5 acres and is the focal point of the property... well, besides the house!
 My dad built the cabin with some help with various members of the family, his dad being one. This end of it is the original cabin. The rest of the house ( to the left of the large tree in the above photo) is a modern addition designed by my dad years after the cabin part. They retired here about 15 years ago.
 The porch is the summertime hangout. It looks out over the pond, picnic area and fireplace. Here two outlaws get acquainted.

 Soon after everyone arrives the dogs are let out to play in the pond. They get in the water and chase sticks. I don't know why dogs are such a part of the Cabin Haus experience but every one's dog is welcome. Two chocolate labs, Mocha and Copper, start off the stick chasing in the refreshing water.
This is Ginger, one of my sister's dogs. She smells pretty bad but is so sweet and has such heart. My daughter and I took her on a 60 mile hike through the Adirondacks a couple years ago. She was a trooper!
Here my little grandson gets up close with Copper. Isn't he cute!? (the baby...)
This is one of my mom's dogs, Lucy. Niece #9 holds her here. A couple days after the reunion, she lost her first tooth. A milestone! (not for the dog...)
 Neice #6's dog has been dubbed "Copper Phelps" in honor of the Summer Olympics XXX.
 The swing on the huge pine tree next to the porch is a big part of reunion day! This is a cousin's grandaughter.
So are some of the decorating still lives in my mom's house. She has a real knack for decorating. Above are items from my Great Grandfather's pharmacy. Below is her hutch with lots of neat things inside!
 The montage below is a history of 6 generations of women in our family. My daughters and nieces are on the bottom, my sister and I are next up, my mom is third from the bottom on the right, them my grandmother and great grandmother. This far back I knew, but it continues with descriptions of each woman and events from her life.
The note next to my great great grandmother says 
Louvina Booth Kested   
Frank J Kested   
William Lancing*  
Sarah Ann  "Satie"

The asterisk denotes direct our direct ancestor. William Lancing was my great grandfather, the pharmacist.

 Outside the picnic begins with a table groaning from the dishes made with love and pride from each family. My cousin, brother and husband manned the grill.
 These are touted as the best chocolate chip cookies ever. I have to admit... they were VERY good! My mom hid two of them in the kitchen so she could savor them later over a cup of coffee!

 "Oh yeah, I'm all over this..." (My grandson!) He loved the noise, activity, kids, swimming, and the cardboard house.

Here's the house... the new stove for the apartment was delivered in it and it took a beating all day! After awhile, doors and windows were cut in it. 
 Darcy saved something special to share with Grampa. It is a tiny gramophone in a case. My dad collects old players but  had never seen one of these. It is from the 20s or 30s and is a tiny picnic record player. So cute.
 All the parts, not the records!, fit into the little box and it cranks up to play.
 We listened to a couple records and they sounded pretty good!
 Then came the 'meeting' part of the reunion. My mom made up a 'quiz' to see how much we knew about the family. Questions included: (I'll add them when I get a copy!)

 Here's the gathering, about 45 strong throughout the day. The fire pit awaits the campfire/s'mores when it gets dark.  After we took the quiz, it was off to one of the main events: the Horseshoe Tournament!
 My cousin, Rocky (he and I were famous fishing partners when we were kids), was the referee and scorekeeper. He did a great job, planned for awards, and made the difficult decision of who won the last point... it was about 1/4 inch between shoes that determined which team won the trophy.
 Here's my dad eying the stake... he's not a bad horseshoe-er!
 This is the peanut gallery; my mom's cousin and her husband. They built a business selling John Deere tractors and other farm equipment. One of their grandson's name's is William John Deere!

 Sunday morning those who were left gathered on the porch to finish off some leftovers and say goodbyes. The dogs were all underfoot and kids were playing on the steps and were in and out the door. We hung around, and hung around, a storm came through, we watched some Olympics... and drove off down the road.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Johnson Hall Market Fair and Cricket Match

 2012 Johnson Hall Market Fair

It was like old home days to see all our old friends at Johnson Hall. This was the event in our back yard many years ago. I was quite busy with Toys and Games all weekend, but was able to break away for a few minutes Sunday morning to play cricket with the 24th Regiment of Foot.
 This is the fly the site manager set up for me in front of my little wedge tent. It was so mild out that sleeping was very comfortable. There was plenty of room for everything including...
 double ball... and
 the tables of writing implements, tops, cups and balls, etc...

bat and trap. This family stayed and played almost every game! They were cheerfully competitive and had a great time.

 This was a particularly popular game!

The Cat and Mouse competition was heated!
 The kids lined up for a three-legged race.
Characteristically there was a tangle halfway down the course.
 The champs!

Shinny sticks waiting for play.

Sunday morning the cricket game got underway;

Bowling to the batter was not as hard as I thought it would be. I'd like more practice!
 Visions of my childhood and baseball injuries were flashing before my eyes. The cricket ball is a lot harder than a baseball and I imagine could really do some damage!
 I did catch a fly ball and was pretty excited about it.

Not sure if the guys were particularly surprised with my catch or glad for any out!
I love playing cricket! and the 24th team was great.  My up to bat was not stellar and I sure need some practice there, but we won the game and I'm looking forward to next time!

Photos thanks to Don Prouix!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Saturday I spent the day with Sharah. I mistakenly arrived at a 5k... it is next week... at 7:30 AM near Sharah's house. When I texted her to tell her where I was, her reply was "Yay!" Love that! We had a great day doing a few random things...  shopping, a baby shower,  catching butterflies in a lupine meadow, a potluck dinner, a hike, gathering sassafras tea, and finishing the day with a visit to the laundrymat! 

By 7 the next morning, I was at my folks; sitting in the cabin, being mauled by the dogs, watching the news. They fought over who would show me their office (hey look at this! Come over here! I changed this! Here's that scanner... I found this...). Then we went out and worked in the garden for awhile, got the baby to play with, and took a long walk around the pond to see Dad and Rocky working on the dam.

Later the girls showed up for a cookout... they walked the edge of the pond with the boy looking at frogs and tadpoles, played on the swing and generally made mischief! What fun! Just missed Steve, Jenny, Jeremy and Brian!

What a great weekend!
                                              (photo by chris decelli!)