Thursday, November 15, 2012

Huntin' Season

 This is a picture that includes my great grandfather Culver, my grandmother Cramer's father. He is the one closes to the front, I believe. I love this picture for many reasons. It reminds me of reenacting, which I love, a true primitive camp! I love to think of them hunting for deer to provide for their families.

I'm hoping for a deer this season... I was able to go out to the Northern zone Monday with a couple neighbors. My husband got me a beautiful Marlin and took me shooting to site it in. Since it's actually partly mine... I have really enjoyed shooting it... we got it sited in pretty well and I feel confident that I can make a good shot... provided the deer stands about 50 feet away and turns sideways...

This is a picture of my grandmother shooting a gun... I'm going to guess about 1930. I love to think that she would let my grandfather take her picture like this... I never talked to her about it since I wasn't really interested in hunting or shooting when she was here. I don't know if she was a good shot or ever even hunted! I am guessing she was a crack shot... I'm pretty good and I am a lot like her in other ways. 

If I get something I'll be sure to post a picture of me holding the head up like a real hunter. Maybe a bear! Maybe not.  I just keep thinking of venison...

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