Sunday, July 29, 2012

Johnson Hall Market Fair and Cricket Match

 2012 Johnson Hall Market Fair

It was like old home days to see all our old friends at Johnson Hall. This was the event in our back yard many years ago. I was quite busy with Toys and Games all weekend, but was able to break away for a few minutes Sunday morning to play cricket with the 24th Regiment of Foot.
 This is the fly the site manager set up for me in front of my little wedge tent. It was so mild out that sleeping was very comfortable. There was plenty of room for everything including...
 double ball... and
 the tables of writing implements, tops, cups and balls, etc...

bat and trap. This family stayed and played almost every game! They were cheerfully competitive and had a great time.

 This was a particularly popular game!

The Cat and Mouse competition was heated!
 The kids lined up for a three-legged race.
Characteristically there was a tangle halfway down the course.
 The champs!

Shinny sticks waiting for play.

Sunday morning the cricket game got underway;

Bowling to the batter was not as hard as I thought it would be. I'd like more practice!
 Visions of my childhood and baseball injuries were flashing before my eyes. The cricket ball is a lot harder than a baseball and I imagine could really do some damage!
 I did catch a fly ball and was pretty excited about it.

Not sure if the guys were particularly surprised with my catch or glad for any out!
I love playing cricket! and the 24th team was great.  My up to bat was not stellar and I sure need some practice there, but we won the game and I'm looking forward to next time!

Photos thanks to Don Prouix!!

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