Tuesday, May 03, 2011

ESF Primitive Pursuits

Last weekend I was working at the Rod and Gun club in town as a volunteer for a program called "Women In Nature". Several classes were offered from trap shooting to nature journaling, archery and wild game cooking. Demonstrators included the esteemed and active Wildfowlers organization and one that particularly caught my attention.A couple students from the College of Environmental Science and Forestry Primitive Pursuits Club set up a table of their crafts. I don't mean refrigerator magnets-crafts, I mean craftsman crafts! Here, Estelle scrapes a braintanned hide.
These are bowdrill apparatus for firestarting.

I was really impressed with this butter soft braintanned hoodie!!!

And here is a water vessel made from bark and sealed with pitch. A leather cover makes it easy to carry and keeps it cool.
Flints knapped.
And Justin wore this beautiful 'T-shirt' he made, braintanned of course. I will be checking into this group a little more to see what they are up to! Stay tuned.

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