Saturday, October 01, 2011


This is the main lawn, parade ground, and general green for the site. 
This summer there was a reenactment at Mabee Farm. It is a lovely setting right on the Mohawk River. A great number of outbuildings and huge trees, wooded areas, fields, gardens, and riverfront allows everyone to have their own space, do their own thing, yet, be working together.

Here my daughter, Sharah, cleans her firearm. She is one to hunt, run in the woods and generally do what needs to be done. I'm pretty proud of what she has learned and how she puts it into practice, always trying to improve her impression and increase her knowledge. 
This weekend I brought some of my toys and games to the event. I set up some things at the edge of the parade ground and hung the swing and rope swing in this tree. These three boys tried every possible contortion, game, and mischief with them and had a riot making all sorts of noise. They could have been from any decade in history!
These kids played a couple different marble games. I make clay marbles and don't worry about it when they get lost... someday someone will find one and wonder where it came from. I hope they envision these kids playing taw in the dirt at Maybe Farm!
This little one played several games of skittles with her dad. 
Always Chloe... she has a huge family of re-enactors and she is well loved for her precocious ways. Here she exacts a toll for going back up the path to the site!
And here is Chloe with her dad, she playing the poor waif waiting for her dad to go fight.
Dinner was acorn cakes, thick bacon and in the cooker are morels waiting to be  sliced and cooked.

Sharah fried up the morels and some ramps she found. They were wonderful.  I can imagine what a treat they would be on a campaign or brought into a cozy cabin for a evening meal.

After dark, we sliced and fried up some beaver a friend had given us. It was passed around for everyone to try. The meat is sweet and moist, with just enough grease to make it succulent.  
Beaver steaks frying up with ramps.

Darcy brought my little grandson and he was inducted. So sweet to hold him. :)
Here I am with Joshua... Couldn't be more proud!
And in the evening; the dance. The Dutch barn is perfect for this! What fun to just kick back and have a blast with old and new friends.  If I could just keep that dang cap from sliding around! I'm in the second set from the left...

Thanks to Don Prouix for great pics of the dance!
We had a great day and even though it rained the next day, I think we packed a lot into the time we had.  

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