Monday, May 02, 2011

Can it Really Be Spring?

I love the winter... but this was a long one. It seems it just had one more sleet storm,
one more cold snap, one more inch of snow.
But... now the trees are lacy with tiny leaves and blossoms, and the buds on my
old Lincoln rose have burst.

This little gray tree frog (Hyla versacolor) was resting in a deck chair leg when I tipped it over. He was very friendly and leapt onto my jacket. I saw a flash of color!

He could also be a Cope's Gray Tree Frog (Hyla chrysoscelis) because they are identical except for their call... which I didn't stay up to hear.

He was happy to perch on this lilac limb while I worked about the yard.

Lucy checked out the chives, ready for a first picking.

Spring hopes eternal!

The seedlings got a little hardening outside...

And look what I found! Momma was pretty unhappy and squawked loudly! Hopefully Lucy will heed her divebombings and steer clear of the nest.

They have to be the most beautiful blue! It's sort of a... robin's egg blue, don't you think?

Yeah, this is how I felt when I was done for the evening!
Good night! I'll be listening for you...

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