Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Joshua's Nursery

Welcome to my first grandbaby's nursery. His momma and dad are clever, artistic and pretty avant gard. I love the way they did the baby's room... from the milk chocolate walls to the Matrushka Robots! Here is the retro paisley curtain pulled back by a baby mirror, draped by the shower garland!

Here is the bright bookcase (momma is a manager at Barnes and Noble...)

Robots on the dressertop and a slinky...

Robot clock pinching a receipt from a little Chinese outfit a friend brought back from a trip!

The booklet is from a shower at work with original robot drawings! Awesome. Joshua's daddy made the lamp...
full of toys and parts of games he had when he was a boy (not that he's a girl now...).

The cradle is the one that Joshua's mommy slept in; and her siblings, too!

The mint and chocolate blanket is as soft as gooper feathers! (ask great grampa...)

And here is the beautiful babe. I could just smuggle him! He's so sweet. (insert other grandmotherly blather here!)

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