Sunday, April 24, 2011

Birth Day- Steve's

This birthday breakfast was crafted for my husband's birthday. The rain was a cozy envelope for breakfast in bed.

One of our favorite things to do is go through antique stores, so when I asked Steve what he wanted to do on his birthday, we ended up in a 4 story establishment in Syracuse.
We saw a lot of interesting and desirable stuff... and some funny things, that were mis-identified or plain quirky. When we found this tin... thing... we had no idea what it was... do you?

In the cake dish, there is a little cake with layers of peanut butter cream frosting and a drape of peanutbutter marshmallow frosting on top with chopped Reese's cup on top of that. With Breyer's chocolate ice cream... it was good.

We had a buffet lunch at Sahota Indian restaurant and ended with a movie. Gotta love NFlx.

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