Wednesday, February 16, 2011


From the summers of about 1970 to 1977, I lived my whole year in preparation to go to Delta Lake Youth Camp. Our church denomination sponsored the camp and "Aunt Ev" got us to save our money each Sunday toward going to camp. Eventually, since my parents worked there, I didn't have to 'save up'... but was able to go and work there all summer!My first job at Delta was babysitting other staff member's kids. These were Doc Fred's kids. I was 13 here and loved being part of the staff... it afforded me lots of privileges the other kids didn't have. My parents were counselors at first; but ended up as directors/admissions coordinator.
My next job was kitchen staff. This was a difficult job that entailed working under a tough cook, responsible for feeding upwords of 300 kids and staff all week, three times a day. The cook above is Tim, an Army baker who got us up early on Sunday mornings to make doughnuts! I worked very hard to keep his standards and enjoyed every minute of it. There are too many kitchen stories to start telling here!
Here we are relaxing in the Adirondack chairs out by 'the Wall' by the flagpole. This is outside the Dining Hall (now torn down and replaced with a fancier model). Lots of long talks, laughter and fellowship... and not a few crushes were realized here. Dave, Jodie and Jeff are in the chairs now. They are representative of all the dear friends made at camp over the years. Jodie and I still enjoy getting together, talking, and... something impossible and unheard of in those days... Facebooking.
Our beloved 'Bess'... the military mixer. She mixed up everything from mashed potatoes to the spongy dough for our awesome doughnuts. Although a little ornery, she could be coaxed into 1st, 2nd, then 3rd gear by the large wooden paddle in my hand above! A smart crack over the head and she hummed like a top.
This was probably the summer before 12th grade... maybe 11th? Mark, me, Sandie, Kate, Dave, and Bob were loyal kitchen crew and we all had a great time.

Little by little some of us 'Old Timers' are getting back in touch... thanks to the magic of the internet.

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