Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Delta

Pictured here is the dining hall at Delta and the all purpose tractor. Bernie is driving, Todd and Bob are probably trying to pull his leg, and Jerry looks on. The Dining Hall was where we ate, obviously... oh, except for the Friday night cookout on the point... but also where we had Green Day competition (not the band), Banana Splits for the week's winning team, pajama raids, and other pranks. I recall coming to breakfast one morning and my Dad's MG midget was inside the Dining Hall as if he'd decided to park it there.
This is the "Silly Six" (here minus one) who sang at Delta... from our home church. Is one of these adolescent girls me???
And, here I am with 'Dad' Thomas. He was the director before my dad took over. I remember these pinwale orange hiphugger/bellbottoms... and fuzzy coat... I nearly wore them both ragged.
Trent was part of a missions team to Ecuador. Joy's dad was the leader of the group and the training took place at Joy's house for the week before the trip. Since Joy and I were besties, I was there enough to enjoy having 'older teenagers' to hang out with. I know Joy loved them all, and probably was kind of protective of them... so the scowl is well founded. I'd take any expression from Joy that I could get right now.
Finally, in this set of pictures, are the waitresses. They had the Dining Hall humming... taking care of all the kids' needs during meals, cleaning up, serving and helping in any other capacity needed. Oh, wait... these are the Dishwashers!! Once per summer they switched places and waited tables while the girls washed dishes. Hilarious!

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