Sunday, January 30, 2011

KD's Cake

Our neighbor girl had a special birthday and I was thrilled to be able to make her cake. She and I met to talk about what she liked. KD liked the flowers in her mom's garden, the idea of a French-style cake and something spectacular, that would wow her friends. We made a few sketches and in a few weeks it was time to put the cake together.

I've had the pans from other cakes I've made, although I certainly don't pretend to be a "cake baker", per se... but I can provide an appropriate cake for an occasion.

The three layers were vanilla, strawberry and chocolate from top to bottom. After a crumb coat, they went in the fridge to rest.

Meanwhile, I made large amounts of buttercream frosting and ganache for filling. There is something visceral about making food from scratch... with the recipes you have learned from your mother, and tweaking them so they suit your purposes... with the skills you have honed over many years.

Even the kitchen seems thrilled to be full of clutter and frosting and creation!

My mom's frosting recipe with a little adjustment for some butter flavor. Then, it was divided up into vivid colors for the flowers.

A Kitchen-Aid is a beautiful thing!

Here are the layers just getting their final coat before decorating.

The pastry bags were perfect for the amount of frosting needed for the decorating. It would have been awesome to have a cake turntable, but I couldn't justify owning one for the few cakes I make during the year. One more thing to store!

Here is the cake nearly finished. It has several of the flowers KD requested and ended up being pretty heavy! I set it out for the frosting to set while the girls at the party enjoyed the many activities planned for them.

Dahlias, zinnias, snowballs...
Happy Birthday, KD!!

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Anonymous said...

This Cake is INCREDIBLE!!!! or should I say... "an incredible edible"?