Saturday, May 23, 2009


I realize it's been a while! but I've been busy with work, tutoring and getting ready for the summer season. Here you see my latest addition...  an early birthday gift (the big 5-oh) from my inlaws and Steve... Jim, Carol, John and Nancy. Since we live on Oneida Lake, it will be awesome to be able to take it out early in the morning by myself and cruise around. We have a canoe, but I have trouble getting it out by myself. This kayak is only 41# so it will be no problem to get it to the dock!
I'm so excited I can't sleep and for once am still awake after Steve!
I hope to be able to kayak with a couple friends from school, Misty and Ellen and Maya. They're great friends but we've never done some thing like this before so I'm excited about it.
I'll post pics soon of the kayak on the lake.

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