Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saturday with Mack Katie and Sam

We were visiting my sister, Suzi, her husband and their beautiful kids this weekend and had a chance to snap a few shots in between talking, dancing, eating, playing and yardwork! You'll never be bored visiting their house!

This picture captures the illusive Secret Agent Mac 64312. The packed every piece of spy equipment into her pockets and shirt that she could. Clever, sneaky girl. She's a great country line dancer too!

Here's Secret Agent Katie 22187. She's communicating with the boss about what she has discovered. This one is the Darcy of our dinner table... keeping everyone entertained! xo!

Sammy is getting so big! and he sure loves his sisters. He looks like he's just on the verge of cracking up laughing whenever they are around. He's so expressive and animated! It was fun to watch him make funny faces.

Thanks for lunch you guys! We had a great time. xo

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