Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mack, Katie and Sam

I waited a long time for a sister. 15 years. Problem was that she was a baby when we got her. This was fun, although she wasn't the sister I could steal clothes from and tell about my boyfriends, experiment with make-up with and talk under the covers with. We've always kind of been out of sync in a way... by the time she was old enough to want to go shopping and 'hang out', I had a gaggle of my own kids and shopping meant a grocery cart full of toddlers.

When my kids were gone and I finally had a few bucks to throw toward the mall, SHE had a houseful of kids and no time! I love my sister; she's funny, talented and pretty. AND she has three adorable kids.

Mackenzie, Katie, and Sammy spent an overnight with us recently and we had a great time with them. They're so smart and adorable (like all my nieces and nephew...) and are game for just about anything. Mack and Sam posed above, but I couldn't get the three of them to sit still for a minute together.
This one is a stitch! Katie is precocious like Mack was at 2 1/2. She knows just about everything and thinks she's in 3rd grade or something! I attribute this to her superior genes, as well as her well educated parents, and a big sister who is patient and willing to talk to her, answer her questions, and show her how to do everything. Mack really is amazing. Katie loved the enamel plates and teacups and ate every meal on them.

It was really sweet when Katie and Sam sat playing with the toys for awhile. I saved a few toys from when my kids were little (remember any of them?) I keep all the kid's toys in a big suitcase upstairs so they stay together, they can be brought down quickly and they can be put away and stashed neatly.Here's Sammy. My folks have bookend grandsons with 9 granddaughters in between. The oldest grandson is 27 now! Sam was awful good for staying overnight in a strange place! It was so nice to have a baby around!

Pajama girls Mackenzie and KD camped out on the futon for the night with popcorn and a movie. They giggled and talked and planned the day out on a list which included "play with the dogs, make cards, play with Katie". They went sledding out front toward the lake and took Katie down several times with them.

When it warmed up a bit, we made several snowmen and I think Katie had a little crush on this one!She kept laying her head on it and gave it a little kiss, too!

Mack, Katie and Sam can come anytime and visit! They can even bring their folks and dogs!

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