Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Belated Valentines Day

I remember St. Valentines Day when JSMD were little. We would do "14 days of Valentines". That meant doing something special, out of the ordinary for the first 14 days of February culminating with a special dinner, party or something on the 14th. We would exchange little slips of paper with loving or encouraging notes on them, little candies or cookies, do a little something special, and try in general to demonstrate our love for each other a bit more than usual. I still have some of those little valentines squirreled away.

Recently I've tried to send Valentine cards to family members who wouldn't expect it, but this year I sort of fell behind... a little medical dealio knocked me out for a couple days right in the middle of 'card-making and sending' season. But, I did try to keep up with "14 days of V" for Steve... I'm sure I missed a couple, but who's counting!?

I did make a batch of my mom's famous sugar cookies for my students... they'll eat anything I bring (last time I brought cookies at Christmas, Jake ate 12 of them!!!) There are a handful left... if you want to stop over.

Steve and I decided to take advantage of the sunshiny day and take a drive to Watertown to our favorite clothing store, Salvo. We took the scenic route (Rt. 11) and stopped at an antique (Junk) shop, saw several deer and turkeys noshing in a field, commented on several old and new barns on the way. Before we left I dug out this old lunch tin and filled it with sandwiches, oranges, cookies, tea, a banana, cinnamon candies, celery sticks and two truffles given to me by a special student I have.

The "antique" shop was pretty crowded with what I'd consider junk; lots of broken things, crinkled 1970's posters (oh, nostalgic, but...), and overpriced ephemera (several old empty Emprin bottles at $2.75??) But! I did find something I couldn't live without. A great deal! I got a bottle gourd for .75! It's a perfect size, in good shape and hadn't been opened yet. Can't tell how old it is but the insides were pretty leathery. Tutorial on how to clean one out for a water bottle next!

Our day trip was very nice and we took a leisurely drive back home to have a very nice dinner with great conversation. Throughout the day I got a few phone calls from my kids wishing us Happy Day; Jeremy often calls when he's walking Maya. Who could ask for a better day!? We nibbled a few more cookies before the day was over. One more Valentine's Day under our belts... and perhaps 40 or so more to go! (the cookies pictured were baked for the Dusty Puppies!)

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