Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hiking at Moss Island

Mother's Day Saturday
Steve and I met Jeremy, Sharah, Ann, Matt, George, Samatha, Cristina and Shawnie at the Island at Lock 17 on the Erie Canal for a hike.

We weren't sure what we'd find since it is supposed to be a popular place for rock climbing... serious hooks, ropes and harness rock climbing! It is... but there are also trails to get to the higher places on the island which are amazing "Earth Science" places to explore.
Here are Jeremy and Samantha at the highest place on the island and Sharah and Sam in one of
the pothole formations. Our group packed a picnic in and we stopped after hiking over some really interesting rock formations. It was great to explore like we were kids again... little nooks in the rock, outcroppings, potholes, ridges and rims, cliffs and jagged overhangs... what a great place to explore. The hiking was pretty easy, but there was some climbing... clamoring, really! over and up and down. Views were beautiful and during lunch we watched the turkey vultures circling high overhead, and the tiny red mites and ants scrambling for corn chip crumbs on the rocks we picnicked on.
This group of friends usually hike in 18th century clothing, so it was unusual for us to hike in modern clothes; but lots of fun. We'll do it again sometime.

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