Sunday, January 18, 2009

Piano Moving Day games

Some people love to play board games and some really hate it. Our family played games when I was growing up... my brother Steve constantly trounced me in checkers... yet, I always agreed to play him. Of course we made games up... but one we played as a family that I really hated was Dealer's choice. We even played it when company came. I think my dad must have lived the game, with all the wheeling and dealing he did with cars! You can still get it on ebay.

I like playing games now... I'm a little smarter and don't mind losing now. .. I suppose I realized I'm very competitive but that it's ok now to lose.

We got a game for Christmas from Jeremy and Jenny called Yamodo. Yesterday we played it during some of the down time when Sharah, Bruce, Darcy and Chris were here. Chris and Darcy are notedly very artistic, Sharah and Bruce are very creative and analytical (respectively), Steve is artistic and we all have a humerous side.

The idea is to interpret the made-up word, illustrate it and pass it on to the next person, who then elaborates on the definition and adds to the drawing. It was great fun to just pass it around leisurely and see what each other came up with.

We also played Cranium... always interesting; Steve's very good at humming "Wild Thing", we discovered!

It's always a lot of fun to get my creative kids and their significant others together and see what they come up with. I love to see how their minds work and enjoy their company. Hopefully we'll see these guys again soon!

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