Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gail and Larry's Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my parents, Gail and Larry!

They were married January 21, 1956. A year later, my brother Steve arrived, and two more and I arrived. Scott and Suzi followed and amid camping, cookies and fixing cars we watched them grow and change and figure out their relationship over the last 53 years.

They've been an inspiration to perseverance and old fashioned stick-to-itiveness. Dad's worked hard to keep meat on the table and cars in the garage, and Mom's worked hard to keep the family in order and maintain a welcoming home. I don't know who's worked harder!

They still work hard every day; Dad, retired from IBM, drives school bus to support his Hudson-restoring habit. He maintains the house and acreage around it including planning new house remodeling plans, and refurbishing the dam on the pond.

Mom keeps the house, keeps Dad in line, and is the Town Historian, Genealogist, and Museum Curator. She has written tons of books, articles, picture captions and given uncountable tours of their little town. She continues to
build meals for friends and family and keep the door
swinging with guests. What she doesn't do, she coerces
Dad to do for her!

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Mom said...

Found this on Jeremy's blog. Sounds like a neat couple !!!!! Seriously, we've had a wonderful life together. No regrets but might have done some things differently. Would love to go back and spend a day or few hrs at different points back then. Esp miss when all you kids were home.