Friday, January 16, 2009

One Liners (Stolen from Jeremy)

My son turns 27 tomorrow. (here's his blog-

My tutee just told me about the time he went AWOL from school; running out the door and leaping over a wall... that was 20 feet down on the other side.

It's absolutely freezing here (13 degrees) and I'm going to be helping load and unload Steve's gig stuff at 4 in the morning!

Sharah and Darcy are going to come get the piano tomorrow.

My best friend, Anna, cut my hair on her visit from Iowa and it's working out great!

The mortgage company sent a check yesterday to make up for overpayment of ESCROW... it saved our necks this week.

I have $7 left on my Secret Santa Panera gift card...!

Misti has successfully finished her first week of Student Teaching... the end is in sight!!!!!!


JY said...

One liners are a great way to sum up your day and let your friends and family know about the exciting events that you have been a part of!

JY said...

Is the piano going to Darcy's?