Sunday, January 04, 2009


Next July 9th I turn 50. I'm not upset, in fact, I'm kind of excited... but I want to make this birthday count for something.

I'd like to try something special... like: accomplish 50 unusual things before July 9th.
Any suggestions?

I know it's not unusual, but I'd like to get in good shape and lose about 15#. That's one goal.

Another is to pay off a couple debts... finish off my school loan, the cards in my name. That's not too bad a goal. I'll call that 4 so far. What else? I'll keep thinking on this and add to it.

I definitely want to have a party... rent/borrow a ski boat for the day and a sailboat, set up the volleyball net in Bob's field and have a cookout!(this will be expensive...)

Here's another goal; have the beach done! It needs to have the boat hoist removed, drainage done and beach cleaned up. Wow. That's a big order. Hm...

At some point this year I'd like to spend a day in a spa... not likely, but something I'd like to do... get some advice on turning 50!

I feel good for being nearly 50... but I don't want to settle for where I'm at, what I'm doing... I should have been a Marine.

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JY said...

Will you finish your school loans this year?!?!? That is shocking. We definitely have like 15 more years of being tied to them. Rrrrg. That is the first thing I would do with a surprise large lump sum of money.