Monday, December 17, 2007

No Snowday

Anticipation... of a snowday.
I come downstairs when the alarm goes off and turn the news on quietly and wait for the closings to come around to my school.... there's Jeremys school, they have the day off... others have a two-hour delay, some a one-hour delay. I try to guess according to the proximity of the other schools to mine... but I'm wrong. We have a one hour delay instead of two. I will get ready anyway and clear out the end of the driveway, finish my test review for science and do a few other odds and ends.

If I had a snowday... I would try to finish what I could of my Christmas gifts that I am making and figure out the rest by the end of the day. As it is, tutoring will be cancelled and I will go right after school to get the rest of the supplies I need for the gifts I'm making. I'll try to attach some pictures... or maybe wait til after Christmas in case those people happen to look here (doubtful).
Kringle day is here. I will make all the gifts for my school Kringle this year... She is a technology teacher and lots of fun, a single mom so I think the final gift will be for her and her kids together. Maybe a Christmas movie and some popcorn.
My ex's family is not exchanging any gifts this year. He has been building up to this for a few years.... not getting any gifts but instead, 'planning an outing' for later in the year (last year it was a week of the kids sharing a camping/honeymoon with his new wife). That's nice,but there's something about having someone think about a gift for you and plan what might be suitable for you... something you might need or want or that might make your life easier, more fun or interesting. The fact that they took the time, thought about you, cared enough to make the time and money and effort to try to make you feel special.
I like the idea of Christmas gifts. I have, in the past, recieved a gift in the mail unexpected, from someone who certainly didn't see me everyday or had anything to gain by sending me a gift, or had an alterior motive, or wanted to prove anything... just wanted to send me a gift because they liked me or wanted me to have something special. And it made me feel special. Many of those gifts are long gone, but the warmth lingers... that another human being did that small thing for me. Me. A tiny human in this universe, one among billions and someone else cared enough to do that. It means a lot to me.
I like to send and give gifts. The Indians did it a lot. The Magi did it. All throughout history people have honored other people in their lives with gifts. It shows honor, love, care, concern, interest, sacrifice and respect. I wish I could give a little gift to everyone I know... something appropriate... something special that I have put thought into... people who don't expect it... who have helped me or listened to me or who I like, who I think would like something or appreciate it. I'm pretty sure my students wouldn't appreciate much... perhaps a pencil... they are always losing theirs... maybe with their name on it. I'd do that sometime. Take the time. Mostly they want big, expensive items... technology, clothes, a snowmobile... really. Perhaps a small gesture like that would be good.
They would most like a 'party' in class. Food, music, no work, talking, games. Perhaps on Friday.
Well, my extra snowhour is nearly up and I need to go.

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