Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving dinner with JSMD + JBBC
Last Saturday, Steve and I went to Sharah and Bruce's house in Saratoga. It was an absolutely beautiful day and Steve and Bruce were going to take the tractor into the woods to load firewood. Sharah and I enjoyed each other's company and ended up walking behind the tractor and helped load the wagon. It was beautiful in the woods and we walked through a blow-down, climbing over trees and ducking under huge downed trees. It was awesome to see the lightening strikes and the huge trees laid out.
Sunday was every bit as beautiful as Saturday and we started to get the house ready for dinner. We ran to the market to pick up the steaks Sharah had ordered and picked up some great fresh bread as well as some imported and specialty beer. We hiked in the woods for table decorations and found beautiful lush mosses and birch bark as well as red branches, oak leaves and waxy red berries. It was fun to put them together in different arrangements.

Jeremy and Jenny arrived around 1:00 and we all started getting the food ready in Sharah's little kitchen. Good thing we all get along well!
Misti and Brian arrived and we set the table, snacking on cookies, olives, bread and cranberries and nuts.
Dinner, once Darcy and Chris arrived, was incredible. The mix of everyone's cooking and conversation and all of us together was so rich and such a precious time for me. I will never be able to put into words how wonderful it is to be with this group of people. The day was topped off by Darcy's carrot cake, so moist it didn't want to leave the pan, lively conversation and a great big bonfire
Stephen, Jeremy, Jenny, Sharah, Bruce, Misti, Brian, Darcy, Chris. Thanks for making my Thanksgiving.

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