Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

It's that time and it seems the preparations are always frantic, no matter how I vow for it to be different 'next year'.

Scrambling to make gifts for everyone, staying up late working on projects, driving to see family, hauling food and feeling the pinch.

For Christmas this year I wish for wisdom...

I suppose I always wanted it, but I know now how important it is to be very mindful of those I love... if I want to preserve what I have with them, and build on it...

I guess I see part of my purpose here as being- supportive and encouraging to my kids and husband, and from there the rest of my family, my students and neighbors and people I work with, and friends. Sometimes it takes tricky figuring... and for that I need wisdom. Discernment goes with that... knowing the right things to do to lift that person up... and at the very least avoid offending them.

Sometimes its exhausting.

Sometimes its discouraging.

Sometimes even depressing.

So yesterday we spent with my family, tomorrow with Steves... this day in between a flurry of cleaning, decorating, preparing food and juggling tender egos... and then Christmas 2007 will be over and plans for 2008 will be in the back of my mind... and I vow to make it less stressful! hm.

Santa... I know you're out there...this year I need a cosmic hug and brain massage... I'd tell you all about it if I could, but I know you kind of already know. Be careful on your rounds tonight... wave when you get to Oneida Lake, and you can use the pellet stove chimney I think... you're much more svelte than people think. I'll be waiting, in my fur brimmed cloak, to wave back.

Merry Christmas
The picture is my brother, Steve, and me in one of my dad's junk cars in the woods.

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