Wednesday, May 09, 2007


It was the darkest shortest days of winter when I last blogged... the winter lasted much too long after that. The ice and snow were still around at Easter and I felt sad for the little girls with the lacy dresses, new shoes and summer hats.

Easter Sunday with Jeremy, Jenny and Samuel here was beautiful! We colored eggs and ate American foods and shared Easter baskets because Samuel had never heard of many of our Easter Traditions. We also went to the little church in town Sunday morning. Samuel knew many of the songs. We met a young man from Mali and they talked a bit. Unfortunately, there was no dancing... Samuel was a little disappointed. Other highlights from the weekend included riding huge ice sheets on the lake, eating traditional Great Grandma's rice krispie bars and scalloped potatos! They were Samuel's favorite from the great dinner we had. Though the weather was chilly, we had a warm weekend.

It remained cold outside til just this week and we had two days that were satifyingly HOT.
It continues to bloom, grow, and the sides of the road become deep with great weeds and wild plants. I gathered some garlic mustard to take to an open-fire cooking program at a school. The light garlic taste flavored the butter drizzled on the trout I planked. Satisfying and delicious.
So, welcome, spring and stay awhile!
These flowers are in my garden... bleeding hearts, one of the last two tulips Jean planted, and a Trillium Misti dug up from the woods in Northville, put in my garden and I transplanted here.

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