Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Jeremy

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you... happy birthday to Jeremy; happy birthday to you! (Make a wish)

25 Years ago was the beginning of a wild and wonderful adventure for me... Jeremy was born... my firstborn; launching me into the oddysey of motherhood.

What an amazing position to be in. A squirming, writhing little body totally dependent for safety and sustinance... a trusting little face gazing into my eyes... the light brightening every day, interaction building knowledge on knowledge like the tiniest Legos forming the most intricate and incredible intellectual structure.

I vividly recall looking into that tiny face; talking, laughing, watching him as he absorbed the life clues from his environment. Jeremy had a sense of humor from the very beginning; laughing at something new, something noisy, something different.

I clearly remember spending long hours learning how to be a mom at Jeremy's expense... making mistakes and correcting under his forgiving tutelage... (perhaps this accounts for any tendencies toward craziness now!).

I fondly cherish times we spent together... making tractor noises in his cheek at Delta; not even one yet, sitting at the college student union in Texas sharing french fries... he wasn't two yet and seemed to understand everything I said, diving in the pool totally trustingly and climbing out to say "Shimmer me timmers!" (shiver me timbers)

Admittedly, I have not been a perfect parent. But, I have taken my responsiblies joyfully and seriously, used the gifts and talents God gave me to work out my parenting in 'fear and trembling'. We played a million games, sang as many songs, read thousands of books, took uncountable field trips and road trips... some with characters more interesting than those in books (Bill, Gary, George...), and I hope there will be more trips in the future.

It''s been such fun to be your mom... see you go from a tiny trike, to a new car; a blanket-bunny to a great wife, and playing pennywhistle to percussive compositions.

Happy Birthday, Jeremy. Love you tons.


PS Your wish list triangle is on its way!


JY said...

Thanks for the AA triangle! I love it!

JY said...

Thanks for the AA triangle Mom and Steve!