Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day. This picture by Mary Cassatt reminded me of all the times I was sick when i was little... I remember the relief of being able to stay home from school, the ginger ale, those little tiny bottles of medicine (cherry) Dr. Lipman gave us, the cold washcloths (swung around to keep them cool), Vicks plasters on old diapers (diaper pinned to pajama tops), Save-the-Baby, and most important, the general feeling of being taken care of by "Mommy".

I hope my own kids remember that from me. I know my students must feel it... once in a while one will accidently call me 'Mom'. Thank you for that legacy. *************************

My own visit with my kids on Mother's Day was great. We met Darcy and Jenny, and my folks at Sharah's and went to brunch. I broke my diet with gusto and ordered a huge Belgian Waffle with sliced bananas and strawberries and whipped cream... and chocolate sauce! Worth it. We enjoyed each other's company, getting to know Sharah and Bruce's friends from Montana... in the family now! Back to Sharah's and some salsa, a walk around the barn, a few pictures, and Grampa helped Sharah get the lawn mower going. She mowed a little and we dug up a little garden for her. A beautiful day and lots of fun. (xo to Mike and Shawna)

Later, I met Misti at Ruby Tuesday's for dinner... more damage to the diet, but the company was great. We talked non-stop for three hours, adjourned to the car and continued. A wonderful, poignant visit... unmatched.

A call from Darcy on the way home and a long chat finished off the day.

Can't say just how much I love my kids... there are no words in the English or Spanish language. I'll have to learn a couple other romance languages to see if I can express it...

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