Saturday, August 05, 2006

Yesterday was the last of several workshops at the Saratoga Battlefield site. This one was specifically set up for a summer rec program. There were about 35 six,seven,and 8 year olds. It was VERY hot and there were several little kids with sweat rolling off their faces. I don't remember sweating like that when I was a kid. I do remember running so fast I thought I heard jets in my ears and being able to climb a tree so fast to get away from the neighborhood bullies.

I took stilts, hoops, all the smaller toys, bat and trap, and the brass kettle full of water (my favorite hot day toy!). The kids were pretty good but kept asking me to play with them! I did some but had to keep checking and picking up the toys... usually kids play with each other or the adults they come with. The counselors were good with the kids but, practically still kids themselves, they kept playing at cat and mouse, and wanted to dance! I had the girls dance first and set the boys to relays but then they were all hot and tired. The counselors did a demonstration dance. Very funny!

After the kids went inside for the movie, I packed up and then treated myself (as if we have money to spare) to "Fitting and Proper". I will now make myself a day gown and new cap. Well, next.

Today it's so beautiful outside. I sat on the swing by the lake reading at 7:30. I think after some housework we might go garage sailing. Is that how you write it? "Saling" doesn't look right. Maybe because we don't use it very often, because we're supposed to drop the e and add -ing.

Perhaps there's icecream in my future. We'll have to see.

I can't find the maintenance page for my website. I'm still looking. It's been too long since I've played with it and I'm embarassed that I can't find it! good grief.

There is nothing so vital as paying attention to and perfecting the offices of love.

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