Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dawn in July
I have to figure out how to post pics here. Wish I could show you the beautiful morning. The Lake is rippely and a little hazy... it's already very hot (82 degrees, with 74% humidity) and I know I'll be soaking out there several times today.
We've been to quite a few events this summer (18th century reenactments), nice after the desert of eventing last year due to our remodeling(we pushed the living room out to the summer porch and winterized it, finished it off and installed lots of windows facing the lake). I'm thrilled at the 'Toys and Games' bookings I'm getting. It's not only lucrative but if you have to work... playing games isn't a bad way to go! Sure, loading and unloading the car's a pain and mending, researching and making toys is a lot of work, but at least I really like it! (
Darcy (daughter #3) may come to visit today although she said not to count too much on it. Hey! don't tease me! We used to have such great laughs when we lived together. I remember so many awesome times... out to dinner, popping into Uncommon Grounds and crusing Saratoga, hanging out in a bookstore glued to a book; cheaper than a library! Even shamelessly begging for dinner out from likely targets...! Reenacting duo at a lot of events... in the tiny tent, or the Dancing Goat coffeehouse... what a riot. It should really be revived. Chris would be a great help there! hint hint.
This weekend is a bye (except for a toys gig at Saratoga Battlefield Fri.), but the next two are heavy... Ft. Ontario F&I and then Montauk Lighthouse. It'll be our summer vacations! Steve'll put out his leather work and some pirate stuff at Montauk... a nod to the Pyrate Brotherhood.

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