Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Day at the Lake
A fly has been pestering Steve as he tries to sleep in The Chair. I'm keeping an eye on it and plan to kill it if I can. We had a great day here at the lake... it got to 98 degrees and everyone came over to soak. I'm sure it was a lot hotter in town, so Todd and Jim, John and Nancy, and all the kids came over. We were in the water a lot more than we were out. It was a blast... Jeannie and Christian are fearless out there and Noah was enjoying being launched by Steve, Jim and John over the raft. Todd was the champion 'balancer' on the raft... certainly because of his awesome physique and riding experience. (I found out he's judged the Hampton's Show before!)
Carrie called today... she has a 15 day leave and Jeri picked her up and spent most of the day here. When she came in the house she put her arms up toward the lake, closed her eyes and drank in 'the lake'. She loves it here and found a toad, a bottle in the water which she spent at least 20 minutes trying to open (she did) and walked next door to talk to Ron, the neighbor who remembers and likes her from years ago. Carrie is the oldest of John's 8 (and one... or two on the way) kids.
We'll all be glad when Carrie is discharged in April after her 4 years in the Air Force... but we're sure proud of her.

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