Monday, July 31, 2006

50th Anniversary

This weekend was my parent's 50th anniversary cookout. It was a huge bash with lots of food, friends, long lost relatives and coordination of work detail and planning. It was so good to spend time with the cousins... all the Crannell kids and their kids and spouses, the Moulton families and of course my own brothers and sister and their awesome kids and spouses.
Some highlights for me were staying in the 'Coop Chicken Coop', dubbed so by brother Stephen, and seeing the other signs... indications of past experiences at the 'cabin' and Wheel-In, coupled with my brothers' own odd senses of humor. Also, it was great to see Barb and Lori, partners in all sorts of childish and girlish crime on the sidewalks of Northville circa 1968. The bonfire and 'sing-along (as well as you can)' was hilarious (not counting the fireworks aimed at Tom and Ginger's RV). It was a joy to introduce my husband, Steve, to the many relatives we have and tell him stories about camping at the cabin, toasting marshmellows at Uncle Dutch's fireplace. I found out that I wasn't the only little girl that was enamored with Uncle Dutch and I might not have been his favorite!!! gasp. Ann, I humbly relinquish that dream to you, since you're the real grandaughter!
I'm posting a few of my favorite photos from the weekend on the wal-mart websites, besides the ones Tom has posted on his "Daily Sage" Blog (

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