Sunday, August 06, 2006

I'm hoping this week will be the week to get all my toys and games back in shipshape. I have two major gigs left this summer and will begin booking again in earnest when school starts
Yesterday several pair of stilts bit the dust. I'll be shortening several pair because the 'business end' is weakening and the footpieces are compromised. Steve is giving me his objective opinion and helping me because they are my 'friends' and it's hard to think of them as not useful any more. :) I do have one pair I got some where that have the footpiece placed in a small notch the length of the footpiece. It takes the weight of the stilter on the length of the stilt instead of the hardware fastening the footpiece on. I have an inkling Steve's leaning toward using this design.

Other things that need mending:
graces hoops- sand, paint and seal, replace ribbons
Dolls- make extra clothing, new apron for penny doll (Steve found a nice cradle and we may make a few with dolls for Montauk.)
Bat and Trap- well, I was just going to patch them up, but it looks like Steve wants to make a new trap! Yay!
Lots more but I'll save it for later.

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