Friday, August 11, 2006

We'll be heading out to Fort Ontario in a few minutes. There's a huge 250th anniversary of French and Indian War battles there this weekend and they are reenacting a lot of interesting things. If I can get it... I'll post a penny doll I just redressed for the occasion. I'll be doing a demonstration of my 18th century toys. It's not exactly a demonstration since I really just talk to people about the toys and games, show them how to play them and let them do it themselves. I love it when people were just walking by and end up staying a long time... or their kids are suddenly Very interested in the French and Indian war, and don't want to leave!
We're trying a new tent... borrowing it from a friend (it's for sale, too). We need something for the harness shop and something to sleep in and also a place to put the toys and games at night. Hm. We'll see how this works.
Well, the car's nearly packed so I better get the rest of it out there.

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