Thursday, August 10, 2006

Things Precious
My day had been busy with mundane daily chores of cooking, cleaning, dish washing, mowing the lawn, gardening, talking to Steve as he works... but all the while my mind spins with the news of thwarted terrorist activity in UK... a plot to blow up at least 20 airplaines enroute to the US. My gardens seem more rich, more interesting, more a potential source of sustanence and simple pleasures then ever before. The food in the kitchen seems a wealth of nourishment in a time of potential lack... just what could I do with what we have here on hand? For how long? What do I need to stock up on? What should I store?
What will I do if transportation and commmunication is limited or cut off? Well, I am safe and content here... I trust Steve, I don't worry about dying, I don't feel dependent on anyone or anything... but I know Steve is a good and worthy companion... someone I can count on.
I've already talked with my children about what they will do in an emergency... where they will be, who they will be with. As they are all adults, they have their own decisions to make about it... of course I wish it would be with me, but I know that is unlikely. As long as they are with people who care about them, they care about and who are safe... not crazy, and will do whatever they can to survive and get in touch with me when they can.

Break from seriousness.
Lucy is in between the sliding glass door and the screen. the door's open about 4" and she keeps squeezing in there and crawling around! What a goofy look on her face! She turns around by standing on her hind legs and she keeps looking at us throught the glass like "hey, guys, this is so cool in here!"

For now, I miss being with my kids and realize I may see them less and less if this conflict increases... but I have an inner peace for myself, and trust that my children have the inner strength to do what they need to do.

I want to laugh all I can today, tomorrow, and whenever I can. Love hard and show those I love the tenderness and care that I can... face each day and not let terror rule anything about my life.

There's a beautiful sailboat skidding by outside over the whitecaps...

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