Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fort Ontario Event
I suppose Monday was a recovery... we didn't do much except unpack and prepare for the rest of the week. Steve worked in the garage til 11 last night, so I guess he got a lot done.

Fort Ontario had a great F&I event this weekend. Paul Leer and his crew, especially Amy, did a great job of planning and executing this 250th anniversary reenactment and so much more.

We arrived just at dusk on Friday to set up and got a great spot for Steve's booth. It was so good to see old friends and spend some time with them. The next morning, I set up the toys and games in the field outside the fort walls... near the boats. There were so many people coming through all day I barely had time to take a few bites of bread and cheese for lunch.
A lot of interesting people had questions and many tried to sketch some of the games. A few teachers made lists of the games and toys to try them out in their schools.
Sunday was more of the same, a hot day with a lot of visitors. Several young boys played with the bat and trap trying to hit the ball up over the fort wall. I didn't mind as long as they fetched the ball!

So, will August 20th be a notable day in world history? Should I prepare somehow? Stockpile? Set things right? Square things with my children? Stay home? Go away? Will it be anything at all? Although mentally it is unnerving... what is to be done but continue to function, and live as if each day is special and the people you love are inportant to you.

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