Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Catsup (catch-up)

School is Approaching
Recent activities:
'Partied' with Pirates in Montauk
Steve made me some beautiful leather sandals
Sat in Panera 3 hours reading Steve Martin's book (The Pleasure of My Company), waiting for the car to get out of the shop.
Bought a new school outfit (Linen H&M jacket, 2 striped shirts, chocolate Polo cords) for $9. I'm awesome.
Planned my Practical Language SC 4 class (We'll cover poetry/lyrics, children's literature, audio books, graphic novels, self-help books, audio books, speeches, humor, debates, periodicals, and more. And that's just the Reading semester of it! (my other courses will be 8 sections of extended writing, SC Global 10... SC means self-contained, for academically challenged students).
Determined to bee more efficient in housework (I do not like it Sam-I-am)
Spent a couple days with Jeremy and Jenny
Ate the brownies I intended to send Sharah.
Grilled Raspberry Vinigrette marinated salmon (mmmmmm)
Worked at a day camp at Van Schiak house in Cahoes
Got and replied to a letter from Kelly Balloo

There were a million other things in between these things (laundry, phone calls, cooking, dishes, sleeping, writing/reading emails, etc. etc!)

My feet are feeling particularly good today. They are notorious for being grungy... since I prefer to be barefoot than shod. I have spend days without a shoe near my foot and concequently they have become pretty gnarly at times... dirty, calloused, and sometimes shredded (Ft. Ti has a pretty abrasive road that scruffs up feet pretty badly, not to mention thistles and thorns!) Well, recently they're suffering from other maladies; poor feet; including bunions (thanks grandma)( and an occasional athletes foot flare-ups. BUT, Monday we went to the mall and saw some really nice and expensive ($50) leather thongs (flip-flops)and Steve came home and made them!!! They are beautiful and fit me perfectly, plenty wide to accomodate my paddle feet and I can feel the love built into them through my soles. I love them! They look just like the ones at Aero*&$^%al! Except they're made with love between the stitches. :)

A haircut for school, some planning for classes, bake more brownies for Sharah,fold some laundry, and work on the guest room. Guest room? Well, it's where I have my fabric and notions... I use them often but they are not organized very well... I need Jenny's help! She's a whiz. I'll keep working on it. Have to! We're expecting company for the GUN SHOW weekend (woo hoo!!). So it's a good goal.

Enough for this morning.
Take care of your feet.

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