Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Break

 My parents visited for a couple days over this break. They left  here the day before my dad's 77th birthday... to continue their week-long trek around the state. While they were here Dad played his steel guitar and mandolin. I learned that he has had that steel guitar since he was a teenager. I recall him playing it a lot when we were kids.

 One day while they were here, we had to leave and go to Joshua's first birthday party. That was ok, they were continuing their bike trek of the Erie canal and wouldn't miss us a bit. :/

So, we met the kids and decorated, set up the food and screened tent in the backyard. Everyone from both families were there. The baby's other grandmother and I are practically twins; within a couple days old, similar in looks, and oh, my goodness... our cars are the same color, too. :)

 Uncle Justice and Jenny came up from NYC and we enjoyed them immensely!

 Aunt M, was there, Auntie Sharah, Steph, and the whole crew. Since it was a 'fancy dress party' we toasted the little guy with flutes, wearing bowler hats, monocles, and mustaches. ^_Q

 Cheers! and congratulations to the boy, and everyone who has touched his life, enriched it and helped out in raising him.
 Joshua is a sweet little guy and so polite. He didn't dig in with his hands like a lot of one year olds! He waited until he had a fork... but, apparently it was so good, he couldn't stand it!

I have to admit it was a pretty yummy cake... chocolate on the bottom, mom's moist white cake in the middle, and red velvet on the top... and red velvet icing all over the whole thing. 

Here's me, the proud grandma! 
With the boy wonder.   <3

I never would have believed it, but it's pretty true what they say about grandkids... except that I wish I didn't have to give him back so soon.  :(

cake and pics of me photo credits- Sharah Yadddaw

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