Saturday, October 08, 2011


Isn't a rainbow symbolic of a promise? Noah saw a rainbow after his ordeal with the flood. It must have been hairy (npi) gathering all those animals, in that monstrosity of an ark and setting off knowing all his contemporaries were drowning... and 60 days and nights holed up with his family... including daughters-in-law and sons-in-law...

When I left my sisters a few days ago after a birthday party for my mom, I took the long way home... now I know why. There was a storm brewing and conditions were perfect for this rainbow.

I had never seen such vivid colors in a rainbow... the pictures are an insult to the refraction of light. The colors were so bright I could've separated the strands and braided them. It is rare to see such brilliant violet!

The rainbow seemed to follow me over the rambling, and curving rural roads and seemed within reach; just around the corner and I would run into the end of it and pull right up to the pot of gold.

So, where does the promise thing come in? I suppose I could claim the earlier promise and be glad there will never be a flood like Noah's fiasco... even though there has been a lot of unusual flooding in New York . Ok, how about a promise that my loved ones will be safe? How about a promise that I'll stay healthy enough to keep my job? How about a promise that those huge trees next to our house don't fall on us (or our neighbors) before we can get them cut down!?

Well, promises aside; I know there are really no promises in life, the rainbow turned double and I was pretty much awed. I watched it until I reached Route 20 and it cleared up. I smiled all the way home. :)

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