Saturday, October 01, 2011

25th Anniversary

It was a surprize... for my sister-in-law, but my little brother, sometimes affectionately called McGuiver, had it figured out awhile ago. We waited at the Polish Community Center for them to be rerouted from the dinner-out-ruse and arrive so the party could start. Family members from both sides were there, visiting, milling about, finishing last minute decorations and taking pictures.

My little nephew found his favorite cousin's boyfriend... not sure if the cousin is the favorite or the boyfriend is!
My mom, my sister and her oldest lined up for pictures... they say they resemble each other...

 and with me added to the mix, I might fit in as well...

My brother's girls helped their grandmother with a lot of the plans.

 They arrived and were gracious enough to act surprized and happy to have a party planned in honor of their 25 years together. Pictures and albums were shared, a fine meal with those great Triple Cities Polish Golubki.

 My mom made a quiz with many questions about my brother and my sister-in-law's lives since that day 25 years ago. Questions about what kind of cars they had owned, their dog's names, their favorite family vacation spots and so on. It was fun to see what everyone remembered about them. My sister-in-law's brother got all of the questions correct... I'm sure I got the one about their cars wrong. Who remembers what car everyone has?!

We spent some time sharing funny and poignant stories about our families and the impression they have made on us. I have always admired my little brother and his family. They have stood together through buying a house, fixing nearly every square inch of it, landscaping it, two baby-to-college-age daughters, dogs, vacations, family, in-laws and all that goes with that.

After the formalities, the cake was cut and my little sister played some of her country line dancing music (she teaches at Colgate University and community lessons).

Congratulations! and many more years together! Love you both!
 Aw, well, it was a long party and Katie got a little antsy... so we did Bumpy Roads! (ask my kids!)

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