Monday, September 27, 2010

Saturday morning was a perfect morning to go kayaking. While it was still dark, guided by the nearly full moon, I dragged my red kayak down to the lake and put in. It was a little rough but as the sun came up smoothed out beautifully.
I paddled to ex-two tree island, around it, and then around the edges of Billington Bay. In the picture above Frenchman's island is in the distance off to the right. Sharah (daughter #1) made a kayak trip there a couple weeks ago in search of sassafras root. It was beautiful and quiet and I saw several large fish jump. As the sun came up, close to 7:15, there was a string of speed boats making a bee-line from one of the lake to the other at full throttle!
Soft warm wind blows from the West.
It tickles my arms!
White cheese moon glows down and winks.

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