Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Thanksgiving 09


Finally! Some pics of Thanksgiving. Here I am with Mackenzie and Katie peeking through the kitchen-to-living room window. We had a great time with everyone!

Katie had a lot of fun at the kids table with Mackenzie and Darcy!

This year my daughters and Brian, and my folks, and my sister's family came to dinner at our house on the Lake... but it was the Sunday before actual Thanksgiving. We moved the kitchen table and the little maple table into the dining area and were pretty crowded! It was a great day and it was so nice to have everyone here!
Sharah and Steve at the stove and Suzi must be coming to check out what's cooking!
I'm afraid Sammy got a little tired out even at Thanksgiving!


Then we headed out to North Carolina to see Steve's brother and his family that next Tuesday... as soon as I got out of school!

It was a long trip down with Jim and Todd but we listened to corny oldies music and sang loud! It made the trip a lot easier! and we arrived in Lenoir around 3:30 am.
We met a new friend, Cathryn, who Nancy met through work. She is blind and took a bus from DC to Charlotte! She and her guide dog taught us a lot about living and thriving even though blind!

Her guide dog, Abby, had a lot of fun off harness romping in the back yard with the other dogs.

The dining room table was never empty! Breakfast, lunch Thanksgiving dinner, snacks, including awesome cookies, home made ice cream and salsa! Even though we took a few long walks, the car still dragged all the way home with the extra weight! (jk!)

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