Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Baby

Hay Santa!

Merry Christmas!!

How many years have I been writing a wish list to you?! It has been many years now. Sometimes I wonder why only kids get to sit on your lap and tell you their most desired wishes. But, you are a good guesser and always come up with good presents, even without me sitting on your lap to tell you. I remember many many wonderful gifts you've given me over the years.

Remember the pages of the Sears toy catalog with the presents circled? My brothers and I would initial the things we wanted... till we realized we all had the same initials- SLC. Even then I had more abstract and unusual wishes than the other kids. I always always wanted a pony. When I finally got one, my three daughters rode her and she was a doll! I'd still love one of my own.

This year, my wishes are very simple... well... to ask for. Fulfilling them would take a lot more than would be possible... even for you, Santa, sorry to say. But! You go ahead and bring what you already have picked out! That will be more than I could ever have expected!

Be careful traveling this Christmas... it's warm and rainy here, but we still have a lot of snow, so be careful!! I'll be praying for your safety... take care...

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