Friday, December 08, 2006


Dear Santa,

It is difficult to know what to ask for this year. What I would really like is enough money to buy Christmas gifts for the people I love. I know this is not possible so I guess I wish for the time, creativity and cleverness to make meaningful and useful gifts for them. I know this may be a little shallow. But right now something material would mean a lot to my kids, I think... they are at a place where they are striking out on their own, and I think they would appreciate it... at least some of them. But, I'm pretty sure they will appreciate whatever I can do...! I hope!

There are few things I really want... perhaps some clothes? Not really, I'm fine right now... electronic equipment? nah. I'm set there... I have an old cassette walkman that I use to listen to my books on tape. As long as I can pay the rr bill to use the computer, I don't really need anything electronic.

Food? Well, enough groceries to get us through the holidays and to make cookies for family... the neighbor is giving us venison and wild turkey... yum for me! It's been great! I even used the drippings to make some doggie treats for Molly down the street and Jeremy and Jenny's dog.

Stuff? Nah. Already have enough! I might like a week at a spa! Maybe a health spa... with a good diet of awesome salads and light meals, toning up, pampering...that would be novel! I'd read a novel or two, maybe...

Hm... I'd love to travel... visit old friends... see new places... I would love to go to the midwest. I've never been to Chicago, I bet that would be nice. I've never been to the west coast. England would be the awesomest place to visit... I'd try to see it not like a tourist, but see a lot of places frequented by locals... as if I lived there!

I suppose the thing I'd like most is to be able to spend time with my family... relaxed, peaceful time with my kids... more than rushing through opening gifts and leaving. Peace, loving acceptance of everyone for who they are; kind and honest interaction... perhaps those two won't combine!

I don't know, Santa, I'm pretty happy with where I am right now... (except for the financial strain!). I feel like I made life choices based on what I knew, what I could do, what I needed at the time. It is working well for me and I'm pretty happy. I know there were other things I could have done... but I also know that those decisions would have been disasterous in some way. I don't second guess my decisions. I'm here and I like it!

So, Santa, baby, when you come down the chimney what will you bring me? Can you discern what I really want? What do you have in your bag that I would really like? You know I'm not used to asking for things for myself... what do you think?

I'll go now, please stay warm on your trip the 24th-25th... I'm leaving some awesome cookies out and some treats for the reindeer.


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