Friday, February 24, 2012


 It is an interesting factor in my life; a grandchild. I adore my own kids and love to know about their choices and adventures in life. I love their company and think of them daily. But...
 This new little one... an extension of my daughter... is a delight and joy of a totally different kind.
 Perhaps it is partially seeing another facet of my talented, beautiful and loving daughter (please remember its 'mom' speaking here; I *know* she's not perfect, etc.); the new role of motherhood playing out in her life. Her spin on all I did as a young mother is the extension of her own personality and is wonderful for me to see.
 Then again, it might be a poignant reminder of the joy and delight I experienced in my own early motherhood. I see the same devotion, committment and tenderness in her actions; and recognize the fatigue and exhaustion tempered by her special love for him.

But, it might also be the boy himself. He is funny, sweet, mischevious, earnest and tender. I recognize his mother's sense of humor and affection in his bright eyes and gentleness.

I can't resist his little face and his expressions are so varied he looks different in each picture, and when I can hold and play with  him, I don't want to leave him for a minute.
Sweet Joshua, you are charmed and charming; loved by your mom and dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles, babysitter, friends, and anyone who has a chance to join you dancing to Johnny Cash in your concert hall living room. <3

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