Friday, January 06, 2012

Christmas, Part 3; 2011-2012

 Christmas at my mom's isn't usually on Christmas Day for most of us who have going's on Christmas Day the 25th. This year it was on New Years Eve Day and most of us arrived Friday night. My mom and dad have a homemade (by my dad, grandfather and various helpers) log cabin with their retirement home complementarily built onto it at the site where my grandfather (the other one) used to sit and watch his cows graze.
 My niece and her bud sit here at the 'table' where meals and games and talk happen. Behind them you can see the pond... snapping turtles sleeping under the ice.
 First thing Saturday morning we open our stockings... filled the night before by all of us.
 Even Copper got something in his stocking!
 Two of my four were able to make it. Sharah and I ice skated on the pond and Jeremy and Jenny brought and made sausage bread for our lunch.  It was fun to see them and  have a chance to celebrate with them there.
 My mom and dad's house is really warm and quaint. The decor is Adirondack Lodge.
 On the tree are ornaments we remember were on our tree when we were little kids....
 Like this. I am at the top; though I'm not the oldest. We certainly were given a great childhood.
After "The Tree"  there is a potluck dinner with my mom's ham and scalloped potatoes. Then those that have to leave trickle away and the last to go talk and play... like Sharah is here... playing Sumo wrestling with Katie and Sammy. We stayed overnight til New Year's Day and played some board games til late and watched "the ball fall". Next day we headed home, too. Happy New Year to all. :)

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