Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas; Part 2 continued.

Mom has made these cookies since before I was born. Every Christmas, as well as other holidays, these cookies were cut into the familiar stars, bells, trees, and on Valentine's Day great big hearts with swirls of pink frosting. The Christmas ones were decorated with such care: Bells in blue with one silver dragee on the clapper, yellow stars, green trees with dragees.

Remembering back in time, we found these old toys in the garage. Jeremy says the textured legs of the horse was disturbing to him as the rest of the horse was smooth... hm... revealing! The rattle on the table was played with by all four of my kids! The terrarium is filled with mosses from the woods here, the button jar has part of my collection in it.

Jeremy and Jenny made this wooden donut toy for the babe... 

 And the helicopter is a win!

 (Gosh, is there anything in there for me?)
 Warm hats!

 And, oh my gosh, a yellow block!!!

 Just watchin' Maya and Uncle Justice play...

 Mist and a comfortable chair for Miss Ember Stinkstain... my other granddogger...

Love my family... thanks for making this part of Christmas awesome! xoxoxoxo

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