Sunday, March 06, 2011

Baby Shower

My youngest daughter is going to make me a grandmother next month... and we had a teriffic shower with her this weekend. There were many people in on the planning and it all came together for a great celebration. Her sisters and I got together the night before to finish up the food preparation and other details. It is so good to have daughters who are so creative, capable and talented. Darcy seemed to really enjoy it and was able to spend some time with some really special friends. It was fun for people from many different aspects of Darcy's life to cross paths. Everyone was engaged in animated conversation and there was lots of cheerful laughter. I loved catching up with friends we hadn't seen in ages! A couple reenacting friends were there, our '4th daughter'; Kimmy, and her two girls, the baby's future babysitter, and lots of family from both sides.
Here is the baby's other grandmother and me. We found out we are just 5 days apart and have lots of other things in common.
Olivia had promised to make these awesome owl cupcakes. The little girls that were there loved disassembling them piece by piece... the rest of us just devoured them... along with some chicken curry sandwiches, apple and cream cheese sandwiches, and cucumber sandwiches that were just right. There were lots of other things to eat... including these deviled eggs...
Anyone want a tutorial...?

The whole group was enthusiastically supportive of Darcy and we all had a great time... she has the crib, stroller and layette she needs now as well as a lot of useful and necessary baby stuff!

Can't wait to see that baby!

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