Thursday, September 23, 2010


This last weekend I was able to make some connections with some old friends. When I was very young our family attended a church in our town that had many children my age. We grew up together learning about faith, our families and each other. Our friendships lasted through grade school, high school and into our adult lives where most of us wandered into our lives to live.

Still those friends remain an important part of my development as a person! I have kept in fairly decent touch with a couple of those friends, and others have kept up with through family, but some I have not seen in many years... I'm talking decades!

We met at our old Sunday School teacher's home in PA and shared an afternoon of catching up, pictures and sort of hanging out. There were only 5 of us kids, two of our parents came and various family members of our teacher who we were happy to see.

The result was that we were reunited, with some tears, reconnected, with some email addresses, and reaffirmed that our love and care for each other has weathered these long years! Hopefully we will find it easier to keep in touch now!

Thanks to Marsha and Marge, for your undying loyalty and impetus getting us together. Karen, for coming and bringing your beautiful daughter and your folks~ so good to see you and I'm looking forward to talking soon! Kristi, as always my pal and confidante; you're so beautiful inside and out! and those who were unable to make it... we remembered you and reminisced and appreciated each of you... hope to catch up with all of you.

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