Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer 2010

This has been one of those dreamy summers where the time flies by but partly because I've done so much.

The fourth picnic, bonfire, fireworks, swimming with tons of friends and family!
Did my little niece, Jess really graduate this summer!!??And Abbey, Danielle, and Bretta, too???
Was it really this summer I made small clothes for Matt? Was it really this summer I cooked with 60 kids over an open fire at Schuyler House?
Did Jodie and I really take ride her bike to Binghamton!?
Was it really this summer I went to Ft. George with Sharah and ate fish and chips in town with savages?
Was it really this summer that I kayaked with my second cousin's sweet little boy?
Did I really cry with and pay my respects with students, teachers, and friends for our dear Caleb?

Is it really the summer we went to CT after Montauk!?
And is there still more!? I want to win this Silhouette Digital Cutter from Stephanie:
so I can spruce up my classroom (I am determined to be more organized this year!)
Still going to the fair with Matt, Ann, Shawn and Cristina and the kids...
Still going to see my sister and take a gift to MacKenzie for her 10th (count 'em!) birthday...
Still want to make a linen frock for Chris' little girl...

I should be tired out... but here I am awake at 5am! Squeezing every minute out of the summer. Hope yours is just as good!

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