Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dog Sitters

So, no grandchildren, but we have two grandoggers and one grandcat. Jeremy and Jenny's Maya, Misti and Brian's Ember and Darcy and Chris' Maxwell. But these two, Ginger and Maggie, are my sister's dogs.

They usually live at home with the fam: My sister, husband, 10 year old Mack, KT, and little Sam. I think there's the ubiquitous cat, too.
This is Maggie, the Shitz Tzu. She doesn't seem to have much personality under that fringe, but if you hang around with her a little, she can be really affectionate, and snoopy, too.
Ginger, the Golden, is an interesting dog... she's seemingly the house dog... but as soon as she can get out and roll in something, she does. Last year Dd1 took her on a 10 day hike in the ADKs and she didn't miss a beat, even though she is normally a couch puptato.
Dogsitting for good dogs is really not bad... but it reminds us that we'll stick with our independent, aloof, self-suffieient cat, Lucy. Nice face, Gin.

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